LAyflat Ducting

Layflat ducting is temporary lightweight disposable plastic ductwork used throughout the restoration process. Layflat can be used to extend the reach of a multitude of equipment types such as air movers, dehumidifiers, filters or temperature controlling devices. 

During the restoration process it may be necessary to vent contaminated air to the outside of the structure, or direct conditioned air to a hard to reach area, and layflat is the perfect choice to accomplish this.   
Layflat comes on large rolls and is “laid flat” on the roll. When pressurized with air, it expands and creates a temporary ductwork. 

Your restoration professional can acquire virtually any size of layflat, and will match the size to the required use. When your project is completed, the layflat will be removed and discarded, to prevent any contamination being transferred from jobsite to jobsite.



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